Deep Waters

When you go through deep water I will be with you. -Isaiah 43:2
I’ve come to understand that deep waters means where many of us simultaneously feel like we are drowning, like our head is dipping under in waters of overwhelm, and the place we get our strongest, most meaningful experiences with God.
Without the deep waters, we have little reason to turn our eyes away from our to do lists and focus on seemingly important things. Without struggle, we have little reason to think we cannot handle everything that comes our way on our own strength. 
Deep waters are where we realign our priorities with an almighty God and become cracked open to accept a different path for our life than we previously envisioned. 
Deep waters are the exact place God sees us in our most mailable, tender state, alive and open to divine experience. 
These seasons in life are where we cancel out all the noise and say, “Show me, God!” “Lead me, Jesus!” 
Without these terrible, difficult times, we may live life on cruise control and miss the life it is we are supposed to lead. 
But one more thing, these deep waters are not only where God shows us he will place our feet on solid ground, he also shows us how strong we are. 
For all you going through deep waters, remember that you are in the process of becoming and God is using this season to shape and mold you into the person you are meant to become. 

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