He is always with us.

Exodus 33:14 My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

This verse seeps deep within my soul. 

It is the essence of what I know well within my heart: God is always with us -and- our Almighty God is our guardian.

Because He is in control, He alone can offer rest when our overactive minds and weary hearts need soothing. Because He is our guardian, we can be shielded under his mighty wing. At any moment, we can turn to Him and ask for shelter.

As a middle school teacher for kids of poverty with extreme circumstances, I came to understand the massive privilege and opportunity I had as their teacher for that year. I would pray, asking for how God wanted to use me, and I consistently heard, “Be their guardian.” A guardian gives someone a sense of well-being, is someone who you can trust, and gives hope.

I tried to use every minute I was privileged with these students to bring that sense of well-being, encouragement, and guidance. The Lord is our guardian and we are under His protection. Imagine what the Lord can do in our lives if He was able to use me in those modest ways for those students.

Have the best day!


Pic from one of our favorite accounts @shereadstruth

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