Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead. 1 Peter 1:6 

This verse makes immediate and intense hope rise up in my heart and spread outwards towards everyone else.

When we are walking in relationship with God, something I think is the essence of what Jesus came to teach us, we can look at our daily circumstances, and view them as just such. Circumstances.

Tuning in too closely to the ebb and flow of the state of affairs in our lives blocks us from the energy gained relying on God, trusting God, and witnessing God move and work in our experiences.

I remember hearing that when God’s timing eventually occurs, according to His will, things move suddenly. Previously closed doors will all open at once, in rapid succession, and the ease at which things happen remind you of rolling a stone downhill instead of rolling it uphill.

It reminds me of when I was desperate to end my full-time teaching job, an hour commute from my home, because my 4 month old cried at daycare all day. I was frantic inside, desperate to quit a job I had wholly and completely loved, simply because seeing my child suffer was too painful. After a few months of waiting, suddenly God’s timing arrived. I heard of a perfect part-time teaching job four minutes from my house. I made the deadline for applying for the job by a few days. I was the only applicant. After I left the interview room, I heard cheering because I was such a great fit. I started two weeks later. We immediately found a part-time nanny who watched our kids at our home. The classroom I took over ran like a well-oiled machine. The first day I met someone who would become a great friend. Etc. Etc. Rolling a stone downhill. I would tell anyone who would listen that it all was a gift from God.

This is what becoming a mother will do to us, make us quit a job we love because our children so far surpass anything else in this life. This is the essence of Mother’s Day.

But what if life has not been easy for us with regards to mothers and motherhood? A recent loss of a mother. The brave women going through taxing fertility treatments, keeping positive and hopeful. New empty nesters whose homes are extra quiet this special day. Those who are the strongest of all, facing Mother’s Day after losing a child. What about the many of us who mourn a less-than-ideal relationship with our own mothers?

For those suffering this Mother’s Day, we see you. We think of you and pray for you when it’s quiet, the perfect time for the Lord to put you on our hearts. We see your courage and your endurance. Be assured there is someone praying on your behalf. God has made it so.

I’m convinced we all have a part of our story that involves grief and anguish, determination and fortitude, and Jesus wants each of us to continuously direct each other’s eyes to His beautiful promise: “Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead.”-1 Peter 1:6

Wherever you are today, whether you are collecting enough presents and colorful cards to make your heart sing, or you if you are quietly putting one foot in front of the other, making coffee and trying to simply get through the day, trust Jesus. I challenge you to take a moment and reflect on the times Jesus walked you through past experiences and you came out on the other side with a renewed sense of hope and wonder. Hope-that you may walk through future trials with trust and assurance He is the one in control, and wonder-at how you can see in hindsight certain events were clearly orchestrated by God to ensure an end to your hardship.

The trust that builds, one layer at a time, as we walk with Jesus can lead us to the wonderful joy ahead. We just have to remember it, claim it, and live out trust and peace.

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