Just A Wave

It’s Just A Wave.
I often listen to a particular podcast while I work out and find myself stopping and having some sort of involuntary emotional response when I hear a particular message. God speaks directly to me through these podcasts and it pierces my heart. 
Sometimes I just stop and put my hand to my heart. Sometimes I hear myself whisper, “yes,” under my breath. Sometimes I spontaneously burst into tears that last only a few seconds and then I recover. Sometimes the tears reveal pain and more often they are tears of gratitude for connecting to the message. I feel held in that moment. Seen. Connected. Sometimes it’s a moment I find myself disoriented and needing to sit down, like the message hit me so deeply I cannot continue on my own effort. Whatever comes, it is extremely noticeable because I go from vigorous exercise to total surrender, usually flat on my back on my yoga mat. God works on me like that. 
Today I heard a podcast about surrendering to life’s challenges by looking at it as just a wave. 
He talked about surfing and told a story about how he was held down by two large set waves a few weeks back. For those of you who grew up in the ocean like I did, you relate. I’ve been thrashed and held down by so many waves that I’ve felt what was described as total panic when you don’t have time to get a solid breath of air before being spun by waves. The alarm that sets in is immediate and thrashing around only depletes necessary energy. The panicking can make a troublesome situation worse; calmly riding the panic out and getting your mind in order to remember that the wave will end and you will have a chance to catch your breath is crucial. 
But so often, in the midst of the swirling dread and struggle of a problem, we allow our focus to land squarely on the immediate danger. We don’t remember that it is best to relax, be calm, ride out the storm. It is so much easier said than done. We have amnesia about all the times God rescued us, walked with us, and made our past problems into beautiful growth and opportunity. 
As I listened to the podcast, I heard something that pierced my heart and sent me down on my yoga mat. I heard him speak about the “what ifs.” The worst-case scenarios our minds naturally go to. The focus on the unknown that makes the what-ifs play a central role in our panic. They fuel it. They only add to our dread. The way thrashing around when getting held under by a wave is the opposite of what you are supposed to do, the what-ifs are opposite of what we are supposed to do when facing trials. They add nothing. They only detract. They only get us in more trouble by taxing our already exhausted resources. 
As I listened, I was comforted by the concept that during the inevitable, difficult times in life we can rest in the fact that it is just a wave. The wave will pass and we will be floating in calm waters again. As humans, it is easy to take on the mentality that the moments of difficulty are every moment. When we experience pain, disappointment, fear, and insecurity, our minds feel like every moment in our future will contain pain. It’s not true. It is a lie. 
For all of you who are currently feeling held down by an overwhelming wave of challenge, don’t thrash. Don’t lose your calm or your evidence from your past that God is a good, loving God who will see you through this. Don’t forget that He will be with you opening doors you cannot see for your healing. Don’t forget to be still and calm and have faith that He will restore you. 
If this speaks to your heart, I encourage you to find this podcast and listen to the beautiful wisdom. The Robcast | Episode 17 | It Comes In Waves

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