Jen Hatmaker and the Moxie Matters Tour

Last night my sister and I had an unbelievable opportunity to meet Jen Hatmaker, New York Times best seller writer (and my favorite author), who has had a massive influence on me. 

Not growing up in the church, religion and spirituality were always elusive to me. I felt like I was always on the outside looking in. God and church were unfamiliar, yet I always knew God in my own way. 

Stumbling upon Jen Hatmaker’s books, For The Love and Of Mess And Moxie, and her podcast For The Love! With Jen Hatmaker was like a spiritual lightbulb switching on. Here was this real, heartfelt, hilarious author being herself while fully loving Jesus. She was not only unapologetic for her flaws, but she was vulnerable on purpose.

Jen is all about empowering women and people, being inclusive of everyone, and building each other up for a life well-lived. 

She showed me I can be myself while allowing all these other parts of myself to grow. She showed me I can find the joy and humor in the absurd parts of life while still being rooted in spirituality. She gave me the language that was locked inside my heart about God and gave me the permission to shed the discomfort I felt bringing spirituality to a forefront in my life, something I’d not yet done. If she can be daring and audacious and still love Jesus, I could too. She showed me the path.

With Jen cheering me on through her books, her to-die-for hilarious Instagram account, and her podcast, I set out on a journey to create what Moss and Water is transforming into today. 

Yesterday, armed with a pouch that read: “He will make everything beautiful in its time." -Ecclesiastes 3:11, my sister and I ventured to a meet and greet before the show, finally getting a chance to meet Jen. I was able to tell her how she inspired these last few years of my life, helping me find the leadership to become bolder in my faith. It was a dream of mine to give her a brand new M+W pouch as a thank you for all of the good she's done and how she empowers people to live their fullest lives.


When she told me she was proud of me the entire room seemed to freeze for a moment and I realized one of my greatest heroes had affirmed many of my hopes and dreams. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

The entire Moxie Matters Tour event was an experience that made us laugh our heads off and cry our eyes out. Jen sees life in the best and most entertaining ways. And gospel singer Nichole Nordeman was just as funny, inspiring and lovely as Jen. We learned about overcoming pain, supporting one another and how Jesus calls for us to be inclusive. I loved it all, every single minute. 

What I did not expect was the story she told near the end of the evening. After adopting two children from Ethiopia years ago, Jen told us she couldn’t stop thinking about the mamas who had to give up their children. She found out that poverty, not a lack of love or wanting, was the reason most Ethiopian mamas relinquished their children. As a result, Jen and friends have partnered with an incredible charity, The Legacy Collective, to provide business mentoring for women in Ethiopia.

Each woman completes a 4-6 month business training program and they're given supplies to launch their business, along with mentorship and follow up for two years. The details of the ‘giving circle’ are life-giving and inspiring. After hearing about this incredible program for these very deserving women, Moss and Water is grateful to sponsor Workinesh Desa -- a 30-year old married mother of one. She is eager to start her own business to provide opportunity for her family. It is our privilege to get to be a part of this woman’s story of providing for her family.

 Until next time, peace and love.

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