+ We designed the Marvelous // Psalm 139:14 Pouch to highlight God’s love for you and your loved ones... and they just came in today!

We imagine a Mother-in-law gifting the Marvelous pouch to her Daughter-in-law, the one who makes her own child happy and loved.

Or the college student keeping her pens in it on her dorm desk, remembering her value and worth as she navigates an entirely new way of life on her own.

We picture it holding the medication of a woman struggling through a health issue...Each time she looks at the scripture she’s reminded to trust her maker and that He will see her through.

We imagine the new Mom keeping an emergency diaper and wipes inside, reminding her that those moments of feeling inadequate are to be discarded as quickly as they come because she is a marvelous work of God.

We picture a Wife opening this on Christmas, touched her Husband’s gift.

We hope a friend receives one from someone who makes her feel like the best version of herself. +

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