Seek His Face

1 Chronicles 16:11, “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.”

This beautiful verse was created to be sung in celebration of the ark of the covenant, the symbol of God's presence, arrival in Jerusalem. It is part of the 'Psalm of Thanksgiving,’ a call to God's covenant people to worship him in praise for his faithfulness to the covenant he made with Abraham.

Today, I perceive this verse as a beacon of light directing my heart to connect with the Lord. If I keep my gaze fixed on Him and His work in my life, I will remain in His will and keep my peace.

I have come to understand a few elements of seeking His face:

I simply only need to ask and He will open my eyes to His work and movement in my life.

His face is reflected in everything. For me, I see Him mostly reflected in other people.

He will provide countless opportunities for us to experience Him. We must only be aware and open.

Prayer is the quickest connection to seeking His presence. I feel it almost immediately when I make the space for Him.

He is everywhere, in everything.

Every part of His creation carries a part of His divinity.

Offering up ourselves as His hands and feet on earth will result in Him showing us where there is a need.

To show the Lord thanksgiving for allowing us to be a part of His work on earth is humbling and opens us up to experience relationship with Him.

May you find His face today.


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