The God of Hope

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.” - Romans 15:13.

Trusting God, as natural for some as breathing, can be a life long struggle and journey for others.

Keeping your heart and your emotions at peace when our circumstances swirl around us is both challenging and worthwhile. When we lose our peace, we begin a steady decline into wringing our hands and our minds in worry.

I’ve learned that God wants us to have joy and laughter even in the midst of our struggles. He wants us to show the world and those around us that despite our worldly, inevitable problems, we trust God enough to have joy.

He wants others to watch us continue to care for our families, our friends, and ourselves even when trials come our way so they can later gain strength from watching us walk through our difficulties with our heads held high and our hearts calm. They are watching us still continue even if our confidence and our voices are a little shaky.

It isn’t for our our own gain only, that we continue to learn to trust God, it is for those around us who are watching. Our children, our sisters, our brothers, our friends and coworkers, to name just a few. Our choices affect others and the choice to allow God to be in His rightful place in our lives, working hard on our problems, is the choice I want to make knowing my loved ones will be watching.

No one expects or even wants us to try to appear that we have it together all the time, but watching us be human while trusting God enough to keep our joy...that’s what I think God is after.

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