The Name...Moss and Water Designs

Moss Vibes /// Ever wonder where the name “Moss and Water” came from?

As a stay at home mom of two beautiful little boys, life can get challenging balancing it all. On a particularly tough afternoon, I found myself alone in a small art exhibit, praying & asking God for some sign that finding balance was going to get easier. As I was looking at the artwork, I overheard the two women working sharing photos of a recent trip. I distinctly heard, "You'd think the moss would die off in the winter but it was thriving in the water." I immediately connected that I am the moss, the winter is the challenging season I'm in, and God is the water. I stood up straighter, thanked Him, and went on my way energized and comforted. So there you have it; Moss And Water Designs. Him and I.

Love, Erin

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