Three perfect words.

I heard an incredibly impactful message listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Super Soul Sunday, while hand-making the special brown rice wraps that constitute much of my son’s meals, due to food allergies.

Oprah told a story of how she found herself bawling in a bathroom stall at a fancy event. Maya Angelou found her crying and immediately told her to say, “Thank you.” Baffled, she just stared at Maya. Ms. Angelou insisted louder, “Say Thank You!” Oprah did and her tears immediately stopped, something shifting deep within her.

It was an offering of gratitude, at her lowest point, which was a surrender to God’s will.

The ‘Thank You’ at a time of hardship creates a change in our hearts. Our focus changes to gratitude amidst difficulty, aligning our hearts with the God who is infinitely more powerful than any problem we encounter.

We surrender to the knowledge that God’s will for our lives is good, whole, and pure even though at the time we may feel so low that we want to bawl our eyes out in a public place.

Try it.

Next time you feel upset to the point your inner peace has been lost, say, “Thank you God.” It works.

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