Trust God's Process

The best parts of life occur when we actively, consciously pull our eyes up to see all the beauty and forward movement rather than focusing on our circumstances.
Bringing up our view a level or two shows us how one hardship or challenge led our hearts to change or open in order to become aware of something beautiful we would never have noticed.
Maybe a difficult and lifeless job occurred in order for you to find another, one that you appreciate deeper than you would have. Maybe a diagnosis or piece of news would teach your entire family patience and tremendous  joy despite an initial disappointment. Maybe that book you wanted to read fell into your life at the exact right time and pulled pieces together for you as answered prayer. Maybe that leap of faith didn’t initially work out as anything you expected but in the end, it was the exact thing you really wanted. Maybe you have passed through a financially difficult phase only to be grateful at the discipline and wisdom gained.
Whatever it is, our lives are like a deck of cards stacking up just perfectly according to God’s plan regardless of how our circumstances look at the time.
Trust God’s process, lean into the lessons learned, and ask yourself, “What does this challenge have to teach me.”
I hope your day is filled with glimpses of God’s loving hand upon your life. ❤

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  • Hi there I hope your Thanksgiving was a good day.
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