When God says, "Go"

There’s always the waiting season, full of anticipation, hope, and daydreaming, as well as frustration and the learning of patience and trust.

But I my experiences, if you try and really tune into God’s guidance on your life, especially if you have been prayerful about what you want, there is a moment in the waiting where God says, “Go now. It’s now.”

I’ve learned that I must wait with my figurative bags packed, because when the time is right it comes suddenly. What I’ve also learned is that there is an entire level of preparation I must complete on my own before God will ultimately tell me, “Now.”

I must do my part in receiving His blessings by being able to rise to the opportunities He places in my path when the time is right. Preparation is a way of honoring His goodness and moving out of my comfort zone out into what He is calling me to do is the epitome of trust.

 It is truly incredible to witness the way God moves on our behalf, opening doors right for us and closing the wrong ones. May you enjoy watching Him work in your life today. ♥️ Erin 


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