Hello Friends,

How was your Christmas? Ours was magical and we hope all of you had a simply wonderful time with your loved ones!

You are a marvelous work of God. - Psalm 139:14

I catch myself just watching my kids in pure delight. I think they are the most incredible two people on the face of the earth and I get enjoyment watching them do ordinary things like ride bikes as fast as they can, giggle with their friends, or struggle to write in their adorable little kid handwriting.

I know the way I feel about them pales in comparison to the way God feels about us. Each and every one of us.

No matter what we’ve been through or how badly we may have messed up a situation, God still sees us as a marvelous work He created and adores. He made each one of our nuances, the things that make us precious and different than everyone else. He carefully crafted our qualities and talents, giving us different ones that would serve us and the world at different times in our lives.

We are marvelous because each of us is made in His image and are created to bring heaven down to earth with each kind and loving act we bestow on each other.

May you see yourself as God sees you through the Holidays, and every day! ~ Erin

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