Moss and Water Designs is a small, family owned business that creates scripture inspired handbags.

The Why.

We want everyone to know God.

Spreading His light through the connections we have with each other allows God’s word to fill our hearts and constantly remind us of His love. We cherish the imprint of God's movement in our struggles, in our victories and when our greatest growth happens. Understanding the power and truth of scripture as a daily - if not minute by minute - reminder helps us cope with life's difficulties.

At M+W, our hope is that our custom-made limited edition accessories can become an introduction or reconnection to Faith... acting as a lightening rod between us and Christ.

We gift wrap every item and encourage giving so your loved ones may have daily reminders when scripture catches their eye, bringing them peace and protection.

The Process.

We create design concepts, develop a color story and create the scripture linings at our studio. We select fabrics, develop printed linings and craft our trims seasonally. We produce our hand made bags in small batch production runs and once they are gone - they are gone. No two design season are exactly alike.

We crafted our company branding, built our own website and curate our Instagram account. We personally gift wrap your orders, write thank you notes, and ship out all your orders Priority Mail... all under our little roof. We take great pride in customer care and feel that our Moss and Water family of customers are special humans whom we call friends.

The Joy.

The Lord works through us to spread His light, and our wish is that you are reminded every time you open your Moss and Water handbag that God is with you. He hears you, He knows everything written on your heart, and He loves you with a depth we are unable to comprehend.

Your joy is His joy. Your hope is His hope. Your love is His love.

Founded by Erin Joy.

Owned and operated in San Clemente, California by Erin's sister, Carrie and her husband Brad.